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Outsource the boring bits of you

Mobillity is your intelligent money manager who not only tells you that you are overspending, but actually fixes it for you. Join us now on Facebook Messenger, for free.


How Mobillity works

From signing up to saving money in less than 5 minutes.

Meet Your Savings Assistant

Meet your personal savings assistant

Sometimes it feels good to know that there are humans behind the technology. That's why all our customers get a dedicated savings assistant. We talk to you whenever you need through Facebook Messenger so that you don't need to download another app.

We link to your account

We link to your bank account

It only takes a few minutes to link your bank account to Mobillity. Don't worry, we use our partner Salt Edge to handle the bank connection process so we can never see your credentials or touch your money. We can just see and analyse your transactions (read-only).

We spot the savings

We spot the savings

Everyday we check for savings opportunities, on your energy bills or forgotten subscriptions for example. Our smart algorithms can see things the human eye can’t - so no savings opportunity goes undetected. Once you give us the go ahead, we will do all the legwork to change your service and save you money. And if you don't want to do anything? Well, that's okay for us too. We never do anything without your explicit consent.

We do the paperwork

We do the paperwork

No more annoying customer support hotlines to call, no more forms to fill in. We’re your personal financial assistant, taking care of everything. If you have questions throughout the process, your savings assistant will be happy to help you.

All this for free?

All this for free?

In the future we will run a profit sharing model, taking a small percentage of the savings you make (around 5-10%). This allows us to always stay objective and impartial when recommending the best services. But if you sign up now as an early adopter - yes it’s absolutely free!

Sit-back, relax and enjoy

Sit-back, relax & enjoy your life

We know you have better things to do than thinking about saving money. Let us do the work in the background and focus on what really matters to you - like planning your next holiday, for example.

World-class security

We partner with leading data specialists & have bank-level security in place


Secure data channels

Our SSL advanced encryption is certified by Digicert. All data is sent through a secure HTTPS connection.


Read-only access

We only have access to your data in read-only mode and cannot touch your money.


ICO registered

We are registered with the ICO and adhere to the Data Protection Act and European data protection.


Bank-level security

We have partnered with industry-leading financial data specialist SaltEdge.


Average yearly savings for our customers


Amount of transactions we monitor

~5 mins

From sign-up to saving

What others say about us

Don't only take our word. Find out what others say about us.

CityAM quote
Startupbootcamp FinTech, the leading accelerator focused on financial innovation, has today announced the names of the 9 global startups selected to join its London program.
FinExtra quote
Lloyds Banking Group is to test-drive technology presented by two of the ten companies participating in this year's Startupbootcamp demo day in London.
The recent Backbase demo at Finovate Europe shows what’s possible for existing financial services, and Mobillity is demonstrating that, while there are challenges, it can be done.